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Good things come…

to those who keep spamming the submission queues. I just signed a freelance contract for a new humor article this weekend—woot! More information to come, but not only is this my first acceptance on 2021, it’s the first piece I’ve actually sold on a pitch, rather than as a final product, which makes me feel happy as an ant raiding a picnic basket (they’re not just for Yogi, you know). It’s nice to know that my body of work so far, small though it is, is strong enough to earn an editor’s trust.


So close, and yet so far

My first bit of posted news is about (drumroll, please) a rejection. Boo! Oh well, them’s the breaks. A writer has to get used to them. This one came from a sci-fi anthology, a full eight months after I had submitted my story. Yes, that’s an excruciatingly long time, but the silver lining is that the story had made it to their final round of cuts. I’ve been getting a lot of close calls like this over the past few months, and they’re very frustrating—I know I’m right on the edge of breaking through, but I’m not quite there yet. But I’ll get there soon. So back out into the wilds you go, my dear story, and I’ll get cracking on some new works to follow you.